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A bit more about me

Hi, I wanted to have a brief page that opens the book that is my life a little further so you can get to know me. I'm a qualified artist with a first-class bachelor's degree in Illustration, since leaving university I wanted to take some time to grow more as an artist, develop my skills and experiment with my own style.

In October 2019 after graduating I started a small studio (Loose Tooth Studios) with some peers. Together we host exhibitions that showcase local artists with the talent to grow. The events are a good place to meet clients as we host out of Orbis Union in Newcastle city centre. As the events manager, it is my priority to ensure the artwork is handled appropriately, money is documented accordingly, and also work as the curator for displaying art. 

In 2021 I am looking to open an independent e-commerce business to sell cute & gothic art representing those with lifelong illnesses (diabetes, chronic pain, etc). 

The best way to keep up with what I am doing is through my Instagram as I post daily stories as well as regular artwork.